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The Home Repair Business

How To Make Money With Your Skills

A. William Benitez


One way to keep customers is to consistently improve your service. Earl Nightingale was a great proponent of this. He said, “To increase your income you must increase your service.” It takes time to figure out exactly how to do this. One way to get ideas for more services is to take 30 to 60 minutes everyday to come up with ideas to improve and increase your service to your customers.

Most people spend tons of time figuring out how to get new customers but they take their existing customers for granted. This is a serious mistake.

Pick the best time for you.

Sit down during some quiet time, preferably in the early morning hours when everyone else is still asleep. Write down every idea you can come up with to increase your service to your customers. Don't criticize or analyze any of the ideas.

At this point ideas are very fragile and you can quickly blow off a good one. After you have about 20 or so written down, go back and carefully analyze each one. You may wind up with only one worth using.

Think about that for a moment. If you did that 4 or 5 times a week you would have 16 to 20 valuable new ideas each month for improving service to your customers. Ideas that you will be presenting to people who are familiar with your work and know you are honest and reliable. Without question, some of these ideas will turn out to be very profitable and your customers will definitely benefit from them.

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