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The Home Repair Business

How To Make Money With Your Skills

A. William Benitez

NOTE ON TABLE SAWS: The table saw is more commonly used by woodworkers than handymen but it is nevertheless a popular tool with everyone who works with wood. It is a tool with many diverse uses. With the right kind of jigs it can perform amazingly well. It can also be dangerous. More than 90 percent of shop injuries take place with table saws. These machines can injure you seriously. Using a table saw, and any other power tool, requires your total attention.

In addition to the potential for cutting you, when improperly used, a table saw can kick pieces back at you at astounding speed. These pieces can cause serious injuries. It is not my intent to scare you. I just want everyone to understand the power of these machines. Always give your work on any power tool your full attention. Take the time to learn the safety rules for the machine and adhere to them. It only takes one mistake to cause a serious injury. Please be careful.


POWER TOOLS ARE INHERENTLY DANGEROUS! Any tool that can cut wood can also cut skin and bone. Keep this in mind every time you use a power tool. Plan every cut carefully before starting the tool. Clamp work pieces securely before cutting, routing or sanding. Read and adhere to the safety guidelines that came with the power tool. These guidelines are written to help you avoid serious injuries.

Here are a few more simple hints that will help you avoid injuries.

If you are using a power tool with one hand, always check where the other hand is before starting the tool. This may sound silly but it is a good way to keep all your fingers.

Visualize the complete procedure before you start. This will help you avoid potential kickback or other injury causing incidents.

Never use power tools if you are tired, taking medications or using alcohol or drugs. This is a sure way to get hurt.

Always use ear and eye protection and dust masks when needed.

Woodworking is an enjoyable hobby and it can be profitable. Don't let a moment of carelessness ruin it for you. Think before turning on any power tool and take good care of yourself and others around you.

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