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The Home Repair Business

How To Make Money With Your Skills

A. William Benitez


There is an incredible amount of valuable home repair information on the web. It ranges from sites where individuals share information about their work and their experiences to larger sites with free information and products for sale. After going through hundreds of them I decided to include a page of direct links to some of the most interesting. So what follows is a list of sites that include information and products that you may find useful. At present it is a short list but I plan to add much more. If you have or know of a handyman related site that should be listed, please send me details and I will check it out. Thanks.

Room Divider: The Sliding Door Company manufactures high quality, affordable sliding doors for closets, hallways, and storage spaces, as well as pocket doors, mirror doors and room dividers for offsetting larger room areas into smaller zones. http://www.slidingdoorco.com
Sliding Glass Doors, Office Cubicles & Partitions, Office Dividers, Privacy Walls: Space Plus specializes in providing sliding glass doors, office cubicles, partitions, office room dividers, privacy walls and other office wall partitions and screen dividers at affordable prices. http://www.spaceplusllc.com

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The Handyman’s Guide To Profit:

Using Your Skills To Make Money

In Any Economy

By A. William Benitez

This new book is a complete course on setting up and operating a financially successful Handyman business for anyone with good home repair skills. Get complete information on The Handyman’s Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy and get your copy of this new book from A. William Benitez now by clicking HERE .