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The Home Repair Business

How To Make Money With Your Skills

A. William Benitez


Ideal One Person Business - Being a handyman is the ideal one person person business. Whether you are experiencing difficulty finding a job in this hard economy or simply want to be your own boss, being a handyman may be the answer. If you have good home repair skills that you use on your own home or that of friends and family then you have the skills to make money as a handyman.

Self employment is interesting and exciting even though it can sometimes be difficult. Being a handyman removes much of the difficulty without eliminating the interesting and exciting parts. Since most of the jobs you do are small and can often be completed in under a day, you receive payment promptly and that contributes to a steady cash flow which is an important part of any self employment venture.

Making A Living - A reality check before starting as a handyman is important to your success. First, realize that what you will probably be doing, if things work well, is making a living. If your taste runs to living in luxury, it's unlikely to happen with the output of a handyman. There are  few if any who are getting wealthy from this work. This is not a negative since you can start making a living promptly and then make much more as you become known and popular.

Constant Marketing - Constant marketing is necessary to keep the work coming in. In time, word of mouth will bring in lots of work if you develop a good reputation. Until then, you must get the word out consistently. Once the work comes in you must have efficient methods so you can complete the projects promptly and keep the money flowing. If projects take too long and the money flow stops, it can become difficult to pay the bills. Speaking of money flow, you must develop and adhere to consistent collection methods. The payment for your work should be as important as the work itself. If you are lax in collecting, you will run into customers who fail to pay you and this will cause serious cash flow problems.

The Business - Even if you love your work, you must do the business if you are to make a living at it. Success requires good home repair skills, continuous learning, and business management. If you don't have all three, I suggest you hesitate to jump in until you have honed your business skills.

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