This page is the first of several covering ways to work on doors. Every house has many doors and most of them will experience minor or major problems at some time. Correcting these issues can be a lucrative part of a handyman business. In addition to the bedroom, bathroom, and other room doors, closet doors are often off their tracks or creating some other difficulty for homeowners.

Exterior doors cause the most problems and many jobs will involve getting these exterior doors to close properly. Exposure to the weather and settlement of the land are two common reasons for these problems. Whether you are dealing with an exterior or an interior door, the first step should always be to study the existing door carefully. Taking a few minutes to study the way it is installed will help you to decide exactly what it will take to correct the problem.

One of the main reasons for exterior door repair calls is settlement of the land. This often causes either the hinge or the lock side of the door to drop. If the hinge side of the door jamb drops, the door will begin to drag on the bottom making it difficult to open and close. If the door jamb drops on the lock side, the door will begin to drag against the top of the door jamb causing similar problems.

There are various solutions for these problems and which is used depends on the construction of the house and the door jamb installation. Normally, it is possible to use a crow bar forced under the jamb that side that has dropped and force it back up to its prior location. Once this is done, you can put a shim under the door jamb to keep it at the raised location.

This will resolve the issue of the dragging door and it should be followed by two steps to ensure that the owner is satisfied. The first is to drive a screw or two into the raised jamb and make certain it is counter-sunk. Secondly, cut the excess part of the shim under the jamb. And, the last step is to fill the screw holes and the gap at the bottom of the jamb with wood filler or spackling in preparation for touch up paint.

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