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The Home Repair Business

How To Make Money With Your Skills

A. William Benitez


Everything described in this web site is based on my personal experience. Over the years I have gained considerable experience in construction, home repair, and woodworking and am a competent though not extraordinary businessperson. Anyone with good skills may be able to attain similar results if he or she puts in the effort. Nevertheless, no guarantees are expressed or implied regarding your own results using the information in this web site.

Some individuals are more apt to profit from home repair than others due to the level of their skills, business acumen, and communication ability. Regardless of my experience over the years, I can’t guarantee that you will succeed in this or any business.

Business of any kind involves the risk of loss, including, but not necessarily limited to: money, time, and energy. In addition to the financial and time considerations, home repair involves the use of tools that can inflict serious injuries if used carelessly. I have made every effort to accurately describe my experiences in detail, including safety considerations, but cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries that may result from the use of this information – even if the user informs me prior to or after these damages or injuries occur.

The user of this information agrees that he or she is solely responsible for the consequences of such use. It is also the user's responsibility to conduct a reasonable level of due diligence prior to making any business or legal decisions. The information contained and distributed in this web site is not intended as nor should it be considered professional, business, or legal advice.

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